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Who is Behind

My name is Elias Samir Jabbour, I was born in Ehden - Lebanon on the 1st of January, 1990. I was raised in a family that believed food means love, appreciation, and sharing.


In the year 2011 i relocated to Dubai and decided to embark on my gastronomic journey. Having experienced numerous available Lebanese restaurants I decided it was time to introduce the magic of authentic Lebanese food to the Dubai population in 2017 by opening Jabbour Restaurant.


To do so, my mother joined me and helped me showcase the traditions and regional cuisines of our native Lebanon by helping our chefs to adopt her amazing Lebanese recipes and cooking methods that reflect our approach to local cuisine, emphasizing the use of authentic ingredients and classic culinary techniques.



After gaining several years of experience in the culinary business, I decided to complement Jabbour Restaurant and venture into my Jabbour sur mer Lebanese restaurant.

The authentic mouthwatering flavors of Lebanon.

Who is Behind