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About Us

No place like home; says Jabbour restaurant with its traditional Lebanese meals and takes you on a journey to Lebanon with every bite you take. Lebanese or not, you will love every minute of the trip and you will feel loved.

Our traditional Lebanese meals, takes you beyond the expected in a very smooth and tender taste, by the time you finish eating, it will all feel like a heavenly Lebanese dream!

The different Lebanese meals we offer, will be new to you and yet so familiar in an unconventional way. With more than 10 years of experience in the culinary field, our gifted chefs offer you a wide variety of traditional Lebanese meals with a little touch of magic. Your traditional Lebanese meal will not only taste good it will be looking as good.

At Jabbour restaurant, you will feel at home. Your heart will be at ease where every traditional Lebanese bite will be telling a different story.

Every bite will tell you the story of the Lebanese housewife who made it, in a deliciously traditional Lebanese meal you will be moving from the highest of Lebanese mountains, passing by every corner on the Lebanese coast; by the end of your journey you will know, that this traditional Lebanese taste is like no other, you will know that life couldn’t get any better than this!

About Us


We are on a Lebanese trip to glory; whispering the traditional Lebanese spirit in the hearts of our esteemed clients with every bite of every meal. We provide all the necessities regarding Lebanese food services:

Catering appliances, Food Ingredients, Recipes, Delicious traditional Lebanese meals.


Professionalism is needed in every field of work; however working in the culinary field is a very sensitive mission to master!

And we did it. As one of the top leaders in the food industry, we at Jabbour restaurant believe that the good food and great tastes that we offer are captivating masterpieces of art, which will keep our clients hooked and always coming back for more.

More of the simplicity, a traditional Lebanese village has to offer, more of the beauty in the taste, more of the Lebanese love that will become addictive to you.